Dura Fab Pillow

Back Form - Lower Back Lumbar Support - Dura-Fab

  • Economical back support designed to help your posture
  • Snug support for the lower back.
  • •Supportive flanks and tapered back corners to compensate for curved bucket-type seats.
  • •Elastic straps for use on office chairs.
  • • Perfect for use in the car, office, and home.
  • •Supportive flanks support lumbar area
  • •Tapered to fit modern car seat shape.
  • •Elasticised strap enables attachment to car seat or chair.
  • •Designed specifically for people with spinal pain, illness or disability.
  • •Assists in the relief of back pain.
  • •Promotes better posture and correct spinal alignment.
  • •Portable and lightweight, can be used on any chair anywhere.
  • •Quality removable Dura-fab or Steri-Plus cover.