Paediatric Self Propelled Shower Commode

Product Description Australian made Height adjustable swingaway footrests Stable frame with large footprint Flexible strap backrest 22" self propelling wheels Push lock rear brakes 2 swivel castors at front Flat locking arms Product Title: Paediatric Self Propelled Shower Commode Product Category: Bathroom Product Code: Code Seat Width 00-966 320mm 00-966B 360mm 00-946 400mm Product Specifications: Codes Seat Width Seat Depth Seat Height Product Weight Max User Weight 00-966 320mm 320mm 600mm 13.5kg 100kg 00-966B 360mm 320mm 600mm 13.5kg 100kg 00-946 400mm 360mm 600mm 14kg 100kg Product Materials: Stainless Steel Product Colours: White Brochure: Spare Parts Available: Yes TGA: TBA Aus Standards: NA DVA Approved: NA Units Add to order enquiry