Span America PressureGuard CFT

A non-powered air and foam mattress that provides a cost effective solution for pressure injury prevention and treatment when resources limit care options. Uses Constant Force Technology® to automatically adjust the mattresses network of interconnected air cylinders and elasticised reservoirs to the appropriate, therapeutic levels for each patient, regardless of weight or position on the surface. Provides stable surface to maximise functional ability and maintain safe positions. key features automatic self-adjustment to appropriate therapeutic level Geo-Matt® anti-shearing top surface offers 800 individually responsive cells patented Safety Edge™ minimises risks associated with edge-of-bed/entrapment issues and patient transfers exclusive Heel Slope” feature redistributes load to pressure-tolerant lower legs and calves bacteriostatic top fabric is fire resistant, fluidproof, tear resistant and easily cleanable no set-up; no noise or heat uses no electricity so not affected by power interruptions Standard (8080-29) and King Single (2820) mattress size available