BetterLiving Replacement / Overlay

Introducing the BetterLiving alternating pressure surfaces – a cost effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure related injuries.

Harnessing the latest technical features for improved clinical care and ease of use, BetterLiving offers both a mattress replacement and a mattress overlay option. Ideally suited to home care or aged care environments, these products can be used for people at risk to high risk of pressure injury.

Safety No more concerns over correct pressure level settings with our AutoCair feature – automatic weight sensing technology that delivers fail safe patient comfort levels.

Simplicity Designed for basic ease of use and minimal maintenance. Easy to set up, simple to operate and straightforward to clean and maintain.

Quality Conform to all relevant Australian standards. Made using the best quality materials, every product must pass our stringent Quality Control inspection and regular testing protocols.


Essential features for pressure injury prevention and treatment Automatic pressure setting Replace existing mattress for superior therapy Cell in cell for enhanced user safety and comfort Easy to operate and maintain 40-180 kg Overlay

Functional overlay for pressure prevention Automatic pressure setting Used over existing mattress for basic support Easy to operate and maintain 40-150 kg