Hammock Sling, Mesh: KH409NE

Product Code Description KH409NE1 Hammock Sling, Mesh, Small KH409NE2 Hammock Sling, Mesh, Medium KH409NE3 Hammock Sling, Mesh, Large KH409NE4 Hammock Sling, Mesh, Extra Large FEATURES Ideal for bathing patients that require full body support Mesh/netting material Commode aperture Full body and head support, complete with 2 large flexible strengthening inserts in the back area Padding in the back area offers excellent patient comfort Quick and easy to fit 4 colour-coded attachment loops (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) at shoulders and at legs for different size patients 2 handles to assist in manoeuvring patient Machine washable LIFTERS The KH409NE range of slings are compatible with a range of lifters Please click here for the Patient Lifter-Sling Compatibility Chart SPECIFICATIONS* Maximum Occupant Weight 250 kg * Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.