ULCER X is a compression stocking that offers the following benefits over and above those of bandages: Easy to don, meaning that assistance with compression treatment is not required in many instances Comfortable and discreet, even with shoes Controlled reproducible pressure The wound dressing is also secure during the night thanks to the patented under stocking No damage to the wound when used correctly Material composition TRADITIONAL calf-stocking: 70% polyamide, 30% elastodine Understocking: 62% polyamide, 26% elasthan, 12% cotton Kit contains 1x TRADITIONAL calf-stocking CCL 2 (23–32 mmHg) 2x Patented understockings (15-20 mmHg) Additional understockings are available separately Understockings for Ulcer X Closed-toe Sizes: small, medium, large, x-large Also available separately as a set of 4