Paediatric Self Propelled: KA120SRC

Designed for personal independence, this K•Care Paediatric Shower Commode has a weight capacity of 125 kg and a smaller seat area of 320 W x 320 D mm to cater for children and smaller occupants. It has large self-propelling wheels that are flush with the top of the seat to allow unrestricted side transfer, simple-to-use swing-up arms and adjustable height swing-away foot rests. The back rest has 3 flexible straps for comfort. 560 mm rear wheels and 125 mm front castors make the unit easy to manoeuvre, and there is an integrated push handle when required. The shower commode is durable and long lasting with a stainless steel frame, impervious PVC straps, reinforced nylon waterproof wheels and water resistant castors. Product Code Description KA120SRC K•Care Shower Commode, Self Propelled Rear Wheels, Paediatric with Swing-up Arms and Swing-away Foot Rests, Stainless Steel Frame (Seat not included) FEATURES Strap back rest for comfort and easy access Integrated push handle for manoeuvrability Swing-up arms for unrestricted side transfer Narrower seat area Large self-propelling rear wheels Wheels are flush with the seat top for unrestricted side transfer 3 wheel positions for flexible set-up Removable fold-up and adjustable height foot rests for comfort and easy access Options include: Modifications at Manufacture Easy Fit Options SEAT Designed to use K Care Healthcare Equipment’s patented removable seats They are easily removed for cleaning and service They can be interchanged for another model to suit the individual occupant SPECIFICATIONS* Maximum Occupant Weight 125 kg Length (including Foot Rests) 890 mm Width 615 mm Height 1000 mm Back Rest Height 425 mm Seat Width 330 mm Seat Depth 320 mm Seat Height (at front) 590 mm Front Wheels 125 mm diameter castors, swivel Rear Wheels 560 mm diameter wheels, braking FINISH Frame Stainless steel Back Rest PVC straps * Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.